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Sugar Reduction Solutions for Baked Goods, Snacks and Dairy

Sugar Reduction Solutions for Baked Goods, Snacks and Dairy

There is widespread recognition that cutting back on sugar intake is key in promoting healthy eating. Using cutting edge technology for taste and texture solutions, ITS has the ability and expertise to support customers to meet the challenges of producing healthier products.

Sugar is also an important contributor to flavour by interacting with other ingredients. Depending on the food application, sugar has the unique ability to heighten flavour or depress the perception of other flavours.

SweetLITE™ Texture range

SweetLITE™ texture range of products has been developed by ITS to enable manufacturers to make significant reductions in sugar content while still retaining the textural characteristics of their products. This has been proven in flapjacks, granolas, clusters, cookies, cereal bars and cakes, whereby a 20%-40% sugar reduction was achieved with no detrimental effect on flavour or function.

SweetLITE™ Flavourings range 

ITS has also developed a range of natural flavours under the SweetLITE™ brand, suitable for sugar reduction, where sweetness and body need to be replaced.

The range includes some flavours particular to a profile, for example vanillas, caramels and berry notes that can help improve the products’ characteristics by enhancing the top notes whilst adding back sweetness and body.

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