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WeLoveBread Campaigners at Downing Street

WeLoveBread Campaigners at Downing Street

A group of industry organisations including the British Society of Baking (BSB), the Federation of Bakers, Craft Bakers Association (CBA) and Scottish Bakers headed to 10 Downing Street to show support to the industry after David Cameron commented that he is giving up bread in an effort to lose weight.

The campaign was organised by The British Baker magazine and has earned support from across the industry with news of the event trending on Twitter with re-tweets from celebrity chefs such as Paul Hollywood. 

Below is the press release issued by the British Baker.

News release


Bakers call on Cameron to use his loaf

The nation’s bakers visited Number 10 today to express their anger over Prime Minister David Cameron’s decision to give up bread to fight the flab.

The bakers gathered in support of the #WeLoveBread awareness campaign, organised by British Baker magazine – the baking industry’s must-read title – and delivered letters outlining their concerns on his decision to ditch the loaf, which compounds incorrect views on bread.

As the draft SACN* report into carbohydrates states, “higher consumption of wholegrain bread is beneficial to health”. This is the first time the baking industry has come together to protest at Number 10 since the infamous “pasty tax” of 2012.

British Baker was supported by the leading organisations that represent the baking industry in the UK, including: the Federation of Bakers (FOB) ; the Craft Bakers’ Association (CBA); Scottish Bakers and the British Society of Baking (BSB) .

Martyn Leek, editor of British Baker , said: “Traditional bread sales are in decline** and the baking industry is doing all it can to alleviate this through innovation. However, there are some misconceptions around bread that seem to be gaining momentum.

“Bread provides essential vitamins, minerals and fibre and the government’s own nutritional experts will tell Mr Cameron that a balanced diet is key to losing weight – and that includes carbohydrates like bread.”

Mike Holling, executive director of the CBA, said: “Bread is the staff of life and we remind the Prime Minister that the craft baker is an integral part of the British high street.”

Both British Baker and the baking industry leaders are awaiting a reply from Mr Cameron about his rash decision to stop eating bread.  Meanwhile, the baking industry is using #WeLoveBread to highlight their bread products, especially on #LoveBreadFridays.

For more information call:

Mike Holling, executive director, Craft Bakers’ Association, 07881314163 or email  

Martyn Leek, editor, British Baker on 07515 539501 or email