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2016 - An exciting year for ITS!

2016 - An exciting year for ITS!

As another year draws to a close, the company is proud of its accomplishments and steady growth.

The highlight of the year has been the move to our new premises. To accommodate growth and expansion into new markets, the business invested in new premises that include a pilot plant for industrial scale up, a test kitchen, a flavour laboratory and a state-of-the-art Innovation Centre which is being commissioned for early 2017. The move went well and by the end of April, the team had settled into their new offices.

With this move, ITS’s innovation team continue to work hard to inspire customers to create inventive products with many more exciting projects underway in the following target market sectors – Bakery, Snacks & Cereal, Dairy and desserts and Sports Nutrition.

ITS continues with its ongoing market trends research by using dynamic market research tools from Innova, This enables ITS to keep one step ahead and develop new flavours that meet market needs. ITS’s 2016 market trends was featured in Food Ingredients 1st and Biscuit People. ITS continue researching the market for new product launches, market trends and customer insights to drive development projects.

With the excitement of The Rio Olympics in summer this year, ITS’s team was ready for it. The team prepared a special “ Rio flavours range ” that includes savoury seasonings for breads or snacks, as well as natural tropical flavours for icings, dairy or desserts. ITS’s comprehensive Rio range even includes some exotic cocktail flavours that can be added to any product.

As the winners of the 2015 West Berkshire Business award and the Innovation Award, ITS recognises how much hard work and dedication is required for continuous innovation and R&D in order to gain competitive advantage. So this year, ITS proudly sponsored the West Berkshire Innovation Award. The worthy winner of the award was Trellis Works, a company specialising in the design of wireless networks. Congratulations to Trellis Works!

In the October 2016 issue of British Baker magazine, ITS was featured in an article on functional ingredients. The article focused on companies developing healthier baked products to meet consumers' expectations and needs. ITS offers a host of taste and texture solutions such as sugar reduction, salt reduction, solutions for improved freshness over shelf life and clean label solutions to customers.

ITS also proudly announced their membership of The European Specialist Sports Nutrition Alliance (ESSNA), Europe’s voice for the sports nutrition industry. We are looking forward to work with ESSNA and its members on the further growth of the Sports Nutrition sector.

2016 also saw the snacks market moving towards healthier and more natural, yet indulgent snacks and bakes. In response to this need, ITS offers an exclusive way to enhance flavour and texture in snacks and bakes by adding healthy, natural ingredients to them: natural flavoured oats and dried fruits.

In autumn, ITS rolled out its autumn range which comprises flavours and pairings that work perfectly to capture the spirit of the season. Savoury ideas included Onion Chutney and Moroccon Tagine whilst for sweet bakery products, flavour ideas included Smokey Vanilla & Gingerbread and Milk Chocolate & Pear.

Our Christmas range this year featured natural flavours and pairings work perfectly to capture the spirit of the season. Alcoholic flavouring combinations such as Sparkling Wine & Red Berry proved popular but traditional warm notes such as Gingerbread Spice and Chocolate & Sicilian Orange still remain a hot favourite.

The team wishes to thank everyone for their support and look forward to working closely with customers to innovate and develop new and exciting products. ITS wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!