We offer a broad range of taste solutions especially designed for bakery products:

  • Natural flavours / flavours - a world class range of natural and non-natural flavours such as vanilla, toffee, chocolate, fruit flavours, herbs and spices.

  • Essential Oils / Extracts - the essence of taste in every sense, from garlic, onion, herbs through to Sicilian Lemon, Key Lime and Madagascan Vanilla Extract. The list is extensive so please ask if you need a specific flavour.

  • Seasonings - a comprehensive range of seasonings for bakery applications and the potential to develop bespoke profiles to meet customer needs.

  • Bunspice spice systems - specialists in the hot cross bun, spice breads and tea cake market. We can customize our spice mix to your requirements.

  • Masking - experts in taste masking, we help customers to mask unpleasant tastes from ingredients and processes. Also extends into improving taste profiles of baked goods over shelf life using our natural taste solution technology.

  • Bridging "I want this product to taste like that product" - help companies to understand and bridge the taste and texture gap in their products. Recreate products to be a perfect match to the consumer needs.

  • Innovative delivery systems - helping you to find process friendly ways of adding our taste and texture solutions to your products.