Market Sectors

Snacks & Cereals

We offer flavours and seasonings for all sorts of cereals and snack food manufacturers — helping them introduce new products that quickly become a firm favourite. We offer a wide range, from 'mainstream' to 'spicy' to the more 'adventurous'!
Besides our flavours and seasonings, we also offer solutions to improve crunch and crisp texture and adhesion for snacks, biscuits and cereal bars. Using our expertise, we can make your products healthier by reducing salt, sugar or fat content without compromising on taste and texture.

Breakfast Cereals

Natural flavour infused oats and dried fruits.  Gives better distribution of flavour.

Fruit-Based Snacks

Natural flavour infused raisins, sultanas and cranberries.

Cereal Bars

Flavour infused dried fruits and oats give an unrivalled intensity of flavour in cereal bars.

Savoury Snacks

An extensive range of savoury seasonings including Asian and Mediterranean spices.

Healthy Snacks

Produce healthy snacks to create variety and interest in your products with on-trend sweet and savoury natural flavours.

Flavour Solutions

  • We supply high quality flavourings and seasonings, suitable for sweet and savoury snacks. 
  • Our highly concentrated flavours come in various profiles and are mostly gluten free, whilst our seasonings are available as powder form. 

Texture Solutions

  • MaxiCrunch™ - Adds higher levels of crispness, crunchiness and lightness to baked snacks such as cereal bars and clusters. 
  • We also offer an innovative way to give flavour intensity and texture to cereal bars and breakfast cereals mixes using our natural flavour infused oats and dried fruits. Orange flavour infused sultanas, lemon flavour infused raisins and maple flavour infused oats are a few examples of what we can offer.

Health Solutions

  • Sugar Reduction - SweetLITE™ - Helps improve taste, texture and mouthfeel. 
  • Salt Reduction - EnhancR™ range - Enhance the taste of reduced salt in baked goods. 
  • MaskEX™ - We help customers masking unpleasant flavours from processes and ingredients such as high protein beverages.
  • Fat Reduction - MouthTEX™ - Rebuilding mouthfeel, body and taste in low fat baked products.

Case studies for Baked Snacks, Flapjacks and Dried Fruits

Baked Snacks
Working with an International snack manufacturer, ITS created a range of texture profiles using its MaxiCRUNCH™ system in a “Ritz style” cracker. The system can be used to create a wide range of textures and mouthfeels Including “Crunchy”, “Crisp”, “Short” “Clean”, “Soft” and Long and Short eating experience.

ITS was approached as a customer had a flapjack which was crumbly in the packaging and not holding together. As a solution ITS offered SweetLITE H1 which added at 1-3% binds the flapjack together, the more added, the more crunch that is achieved. This also can aid with sugar reduction work in such applications.

Flavoured Fruits
ITS has developed a very extensive range of flavoured fruit pieces which are used in a number of applications largely within the snack and bakery sectors.
In a specific application, working with a UK-based snack manufacturer, ITS developed a range of “Flavour Boosters” aimed at reducing the cost within fruit-based bag snacks. Some of the more premium fruits such as Blueberry and Cranberry can significantly increase the cost of these snacks when used at a recognisable inclusion.
By creating “Blueberry”, Cranberry” and “Red Berry” flavoured sultanas and raisins, the flavour quality and profile could be maintained whilst reducing Premium fruit inclusion and controlling cost.