Braver Beverage Flavour Trends for 2024

Beverage flavours to get your taste buds bubbling with excitement. Are you on the look out for the next big flavour in the beverage sector? Or maybe you just want to discover the most popular flavours in drinks? The I.T.S. team have crunched the numbers and put together a flavour trend snapshot for the beverage […]

Hottest Flavour Trends in Dairy & Dairy Alternatives 2023

Moo-ve over boring flavours in dairy and dairy alternatives. It’s time for boring flavours in the dairy and dairy category to moo-ve over. We have put in the hard work of looking at the category to outline the biggest and fastest growing flavours emerging. Our new report outlines the flavours you need to be working […]

Flavour Trends On Show At PLMA 2023

I.T.S. team to share the latest adventures in flavour trends at PLMA 2023. I.T.S. will be heading to PLMA 2023 to exhibit for the very first time. We are coming jam packed full of tasty flavours and interesting new trends.  PLMA 2023 takes place in Amsterdam on 23-24 May 2023. Food and drink professionals visit […]

UHT Proof Natural Flavours for Dairy and Dairy Alternatives

Natural Flavours Ready for UHT Production UHT-Proof Natural Flavours for Dairy and Dairy Alternatives Struggling to get flavour to deliver after UHT processing? Flavouring UHT milk can be tricky. UHT treatment by definition presents barriers for flavour delivery. The ultra-heat treatment involved in the process can dramatically impact on flavour characteristics and profiles. That’s why […]

Flavour In Dairy & Dairy Alternatives – Roundtable Discussion

Ingredients and flavour in the dairy and plant-based alternative industry. I.T.S. attending Dairy Innovation Strategies 2023 conference It’s back! For the 9th year running, the who’s who of the dairy and dairy alternatives industry will gather to discuss to future of the industry.  This year the event is based in the heart of Copenhagen and […]

Natural Puree Flavours for Brewing at Beer X 2023

Puree Natural Flavours on show at Beer X 2023 Bottoms up! Are you a brewer, or interested in brewing? Then you should head to Livepool on the 15-16th of March for the Beer X exhibition. Beer X is a yearly event hosted by SIBA that brings together the brewing community to share what has been […]

Easter Trends 2023

The biggest trends and flavours this Easter. Make sure you are hip to what is happening in the food and drink sector this Easter. Discover the emerging and classic flavour trends that will be turning heads. White chocolate flavour takes Easter by storm. White is officially the new brown this Easter. White chocolate is very […]

Fruit Puree Natural Flavours

Say hello to natural tasting fruit flavours: fruit puree natural flavours. Do you find that some fruit flavours are far too similar to sweets and confectionery, they just don’t have that natural fruit taste? We have the solution for you. Our puree natural flavours deliver an intense flavour profile with that real natural fruit flavour. […]

Food and Drink Trends 2023

The biggest trends to influence food and drink in 2023 We’ve already given you the latest flavours that will be trending in 2023, now it’s time to look at the bigger picture. We’ve looked at the food and drink industry as a whole and highlighted 6 key trends that will be influencing the market this […]

6 Braver Flavour Trends for 2023

Flavour trends to help you stand out from the crowd in 2023. It’s the start of the New Year and you’ve just sat down at your desk, dusted off your notepad and started to think about the year ahead. A daunting year, for many reasons – but have no fear, we are here to help […]