Delicious Desserts – Natural Flavour Range

Dessert flavours aren’t slowing down… The flavour trend that just isn’t going away. Dessert flavours of all tastes and senses have been a staple in new flavour ranges for a while now. We first highlighted the growing trend of dessert flavours back in our Flavour Trend Report in 2021. Since then we have been building […]

Flavour Trending: Creative Caramel

It’s time to get creative with caramel flavour Salted caramel, and now caramelised biscuit. There is simply no stopping the popularity of caramel-based flavours. Anything with caramel seems to be going down a storm. Make sure you are being creative with caramel. A sure bet for your next big flavour. Caramel offers many different opportunities […]

Natural Chocolate Flavours: How to protect against rising cocoa prices.

How natural chocolate flavours can help you with rising costs. There’s no getting around it, chocolate is the world’s favourite flavour. That’s why the rising costs in cocoa are not only giving manufacturers a huge headache, but also may mean consumers will need to pay more for their favourite treats. Did you see the price […]

I.T.S. Secures Second Site to Expand Flavour Capacity

Things are about to get a whole lot tastier. Following rapid year on year business growth, flavour experts, I.T.S has acquired a second facility, complete with a state-of-the-art flavour laboratory, close to its existing premises in Newbury, Berkshire. Flavour innovation and application development at the heart of new I.T.S. site. I.T.S’ new site will feature […]

Authentic Fruit Puree Natural Flavours

The fruitiest range of natural flavours have just got tastier. Consumers are increasingly asking for natural flavour profiles and moving away from the sweeter confectionery styles. We love a foam banana as much as the next guy, but sometimes you just need that authentic taste. Make sure your flavours taste just like the real thing. […]

Bravest Flavour Trends for Food and Drink 2024

FLAVOUR TREND FORECAST FOR 2024 Take a journey into the future of flavour. Our team of natural flavour experts have connected the dots to pull together the bravest flavour trends for the year ahead. We’ve tracked down countless online research platforms, trawled the supermarkets, not to mention eating and drinking our way through countless cafes, […]

What’s Hot this Christmas in UK Supermarkets

Food and Drink Trends this Christmas. Now the dust has settled and supermarkets are stuffed to capacity with glitz and glamour, we jumped head first into the sparkliest aisle in the supermarket.  Discover what’s hot this Christmas with food and drink in UK supermarkets. Mince Pies, but not as we know them. Finally! Mince Pies […]

A Day in the Life of Natural Flavour Manufacturing

Understanding Natural Flavours. In September 2023, leading food and drink publisher, Food Manufacture, came to visit I.T.S. HQ for a quick tour of what life is like in the world of flavour making.  A day in the life of I.T.S and natural flavour manufacturing. We love it when friends come to visit at I.T.S. – […]

Bakery Flavours of The Future

Bakery flavour trends to keep an eye on in 2024. The baking industry has never been more progressive and forward-thinking. Artisan and craft bakeries are inspiring change and driving new trends.  The mixture of social media and customer demand for exciting new flavours has kept the baking industry on its toes. Read our Bakery Flavour […]

Braver Beverage Flavour Trends for 2024

Beverage flavours to get your taste buds bubbling with excitement. Are you on the look out for the next big flavour in the beverage sector? Or maybe you just want to discover the most popular flavours in drinks? The I.T.S. team have crunched the numbers and put together a flavour trend snapshot for the beverage […]