I.T.S. Shortlisted for Ingredients Manufacturing Company of the Year

I.T.S. are going to the Food Manufacture Excellence Awards 2023. Here we go! After 13 years of being the underdog and one of the few independent flavour suppliers, our rapid growth and successes have been recognised. Our unique approach to natural flavourings (we call it, A Braver Flavour) have now been highlighted by Food Manufacture […]

Christmas Bakery Flavour Watch

The most exciting Christmas 2022 bakery favours in UK retailers. Looking for the newest and bravest flavours on the market in bakery for Christmas 2022? We’ve done the hard work for you. We checked out the Christmas offerings from all the UK‘s main retailers and shortlisted the most interesting and brave new flavours to try. […]

5 Reasons To Love Natural Flavours

natural flavours

Natural flavours can do a whole lot more than make things tastier. 1) Taste is Everything An eye-catching brand and good distribution can only get you so far. At I.T.S. we see many products hit the shelves and disappear within a matter of months. If you want repeat sales and to really grow a successful […]

How HFSS Will Impact The Dairy & Dairy-Free Category

The Dairy and Dairy-Free Category Face HFSS Challenges Ahead. How HFSS will impact the dairy and dairy-free market? I.T.S. works closely with a whole host of industry experts to help consult on various projects. One of our most trusted friends is David Northeast. David has spent the past 8 years developing mainstream products but also […]

How To Cope With Rising Butter Prices

Butter prices are heating up. Have you noticed the rising cost of butter putting a strain on production costs? The average European butter price skyrocketed by 28% at the end 2021, and has remained high so far in 2022. Just a quick look at the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB), which tracks the UK wholesale butter […]

The Top 5 Flavours For Beverages

Don’t miss the top 5 trending beverage flavours. In uncertain times it’s always important to get ahead of the game. As product developers and purchasing teams scramble to cost engineer their products for changing times, make sure you keep an eye on flavour development. That’s why we’ve made life easier for you and highlighted the […]

Natural Hop Flavours For Beer – How to Cut Your Hop Costs.

Natural hop flavours made by craft brewers If you’re like us and like your beers to pack a punch of hoppy flavour, you’ll need to be trying our new natural hop flavours. How do Natural Flavours work In Beer? Hops come in all shapes and sizes these days, with the increasing new varieties and flavour […]

Flavour Trends 2022

Here are the flavours you need to be trying in 2022. Welcome to our Flavour Trend overview for 2022 and beyond. We’ve made your life easier and done the hard work for you. Are you tired of overcomplicated and bloated flavour trend reports that say so much, but leave you a little uninspired? We’ve drowned […]

Are Allergens Driving You Nuts?

Exploring how flavourings can help solve one of food and drink manufacturers biggest headaches. Allergens are one of the biggest nightmares for food and drink manufacturers. However, it’s a bigger nightmare if you suffer from one of these allergens. You may have heard about the large companies who have been caught out with it before […]

Tackling Sugar In Milk And Plant-Based Drinks

How to naturally reduce sugar in RTD milk and plant-based drinks with no impact on taste or texture. Plant-based drinks are really taking on the mainstream. Over the last couple of years the quality of the products has increased massively – with an extensive choice now presented to consumers. Take a look down supermarket aisles […]