Flavour Focus: Cherry Blossom

We give you the low down on why you should be trying Cherry Blossom. Now, we know what you’re thinking – Cherry Blossom is the flavour of spring and we’re in August. Well, we are never ones to play by the rules and we think Cherry Blossom is so tasty it works equally well beneath […]

Reducing Sugar Content With Natural Flavourings

Natural flavourings can offer much more than just making food and drink taste great. Find out they can also make things healthier. As experts in natural flavourings, we use them for many different things. The most obvious is of course to make things taste great. We’ve been making just about anything taste great for years. […]

I.T.S. Flavour Trends 2021

Probably the most important flavour trends forecast you’ll ever read. There has never been a more important time to get updated with flavour trends. After a turbulent year in the food and drink industry, 2020 has left people looking for hope and growth in 2021. As experts in natural flavourings, we work closely with many […]

How’s Your Core Flavour Strength?

When is the last time you reviewed your core flavour range? Our Head of Innovations, Carl Smith discusses why it is important to keep your core range refreshed. Most food and beverage manufacturers have a core range of flavourings within their ingredient portfolio. They rely heavily on these to deliver great taste in a wide […]

Top 10 Tips For Beverage Development

Calling all you brewers, distillers, and technologists. Our beverage specialist, Briony Rideout, gives you her top tips to stay ahead when developing beverages. With a sector that is ever expanding and changing, it’s important to make sure you are taking all the right steps to stay ahead. Briony works closely with our growing base of […]

Why Vegan Cheese Is Not Just For Veganuary…

Whether you call it vegan or plant-based, there is no denying this trend isn’t going away anytime soon. Whether you call it vegan or plant-based, there is no denying, this is not just a trend, but a new way of producing food and drinks. The vegan diet is becoming increasingly popular with more people deciding […]

It’s Christmas, But Not As We Know It

What does Christmas look like in the middle of a global Pandemic and a rapid change of consumer lifestyle? There is no way of sugar coating it, this Christmas is not going to be like any before it. COVID-19 has caused a worldwide Pandemic that has impacted us in more ways than we may yet […]

Is Sugar Reduction A Baker’s Worst Nightmare?

Sugar reduction is the fine line between health and indulgent products. How do the bakers and lawmakers meet in the middle with a solution that fits everyone? Speak to most bakers on the street and they will tell you that Public Health England is on the warpath with cracking down on sugar within bakery. The […]

What Is The Future Of New Product Development?

We explore what NPD teams need to be doing to ensure they are best placed to get ready for future innovations. Like most things in 2020, summer didn’t really go to plan. Back in January people were dreaming of their summer vacations, festivals and parties – all to be filled with tasty food and drink. […]

Are You Ready For Change?

The food and drink industry is changing. Are you ready for the change? Over the last few months the world changed around us very quickly, with very little warning. Life as we knew it changed over a matter of weeks as the biggest public health crisis of a generation swept across the world. Our busy […]